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February 22, 2011

Gaddafi, The Family International and the Antichrist

Chain The Dogma  -  February 22, 2011

Gaddafi, The Family International and the Antichrist

Gaddafi's dictatorship is coming to an end so where is the Antichrist?

by Perry Bulwer

This may come as a surprise to you, but Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, dictator of Libya for 40 years,  is either the Anti-Christ or the prophet who prepares the way for him and announces his coming.  At least he is if you believe The Family International and the claims of their deceased founder, David Berg. Back in the early 1970s, Berg, the self-proclaimed end-time prophet claimed he received prophecies indicating that Gaddafi, who had recently led a coup and took control of Libya, would fill one of those roles described in the book of Revelation.  

Berg communicated with his cult followers, then called the Children of God, by way of letters which he composed with the help of current leader Maria Fontaine. That is just one of her many aliases.  She was born Karen Zerby, but  has changed her legal name at least once, possibly more and hides behind a variety of fake names. Read the information at that link to her name and you will understand why a leader of a supposedly upright Christian charity group needs to use so many aliases and legally change her name. Most of the letters Berg wrote to his followers were just transcripts of private talks he gave, sometimes to other cult leaders, but often just to Maria. She would record and transcribe almost everything he said, including his interpretations of his dreams, which he considered were messages from God to be passed on.

The quotations below taken from some of those letters, now archived online by former members, show what Berg believed and taught about Gaddafi.  But first, there are a few things to point out about Berg's writings. The Family International with Maria at its head has never renounced Berg's writings, although they did try their best to revise history by censoring certain words and phrases. In the quotations below, those deleted words are indicated in square brackets, sometimes with the deleted word included if it was known by the archivists who put the documents online. For example, Berg often used the word "anti-Christ" as a code word for "Jew". He was extremely anti-Semitic and his writings are peppered with hateful references to Jews, so they attempted to clean up his writings  in what they called a pubs purge. However, in the quotations below, "anti-Christ" is actually referring to the biblical personality, not to Jews.

The Family International today still revere Berg as a prophet, even though they cannot point to one single thing that he ever truly prophesied accurately. It is now obvious that his prophecies and predictions about Gaddafi are just as false as his prediction that Jesus would return in 1993. After Berg's death in 1994, Maria continued to prophecy that the Anti-Christ was now an adult and that biblical end-time events culminating with Jesus' return would begin while she was alive and leading The Family. There have been recent indications that Maria and her co-leader, Peter Amsterdam (another alias) are now pushing those dates fifty years into the future, preposterously claiming that Jesus has changed his mind, even though one of their favourite scriptures to quote is, "All things change, but Jesus never."

David Berg on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

[format and emphasis from the orignal publication]

GADDAFI'S THIRD WORLD!  by David Berg   July 7, 1973

15. THAT VOICE, STRENGTH AND LEADERSHIP OF THIS GRADUALLY EMERGING THIRD WORLD POWER is becoming more and more that of this young and dramatic religious fanatic, Mu'ammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya and the Arab world, and quite possibly the rising figurehead and symbol of the Third World Power, embodying the first effective defiance of both of the other superpowers!

16. AS ONE GREAT HISTORIAN HAS SAID, THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR A SUPERMAN who can unite its political and religious systems, solve its economic and social problems, end its wars and wickedness and bring peace and plenty and haven on Earth!--The Bible predicts that there is going to be such a man in the Last Days of man's rule on Earth, who will temporarily save the world from total destruction just before Christ returns to rule it.

17. IT IS TOO SOON TO SAY IF GADDAFI COULD BE THAT MAN HIMSELF, or whether he is merely preparing the way for such a man who is yet to arise in prominence as a world leader. But he certainly has all the earmarks of the same, and we have had every indication in actual revelations that he is going to have much to do with him.

18. IF HE IS NOT ACTUALLY THE ONE HIMSELF, HE IS CERTAINLY PREPARING HIS WAY, for he is not only uniting the Third World behind his leadership with his growing strength and clearly rising voice, but the world is going to have to listen to him, as they are beginning to find out, whether they want to or not, because the Arabs control most of the world's oil for which they are rapidly getting most of the world's gold!--And these are going to be some of the only valuables left when the world's monetary system has collapsed and the fuel runs out, as it is rapidly now doing.


7. (July 20, 1973) For he is... (MO pauses silently)--(Maria: He is what?) AND HE IS THE EIGHTH WHICH SHALL BE WOUNDED UNTO DEATH, AND YET SHALL HE ARISE AGAIN and shall rule as I have promised. Even so shall I fulfil the Words which I have spoken to thy Father. (O Jesus, help him to believe! Help him that he shall fulfil Thy will!) (Maria: Who is the eighth?) Search the Scriptures for they shall reveal unto thee the Words of thy Father's bosom. [DELETED] I speak of him.--If he shall fulfil the Words of My heart and the thoughts of My bosom, he is faithful.


10. EVEN THE ANTICHRIST COULD HAVE STARTED OUT SERVING THE LORD and supposedly worshipping God! It does say of the Antichrist that in the long run he doesn't honour the God of his fathers, so obviously his fathers did have God and he came from some faith that honoured Him. But I never thought of him as starting out as a servant of God to do the will of God. As I pondered this, immediately I got a picture of Satan's fall and this message; "Why should this be strange? This is the way Lucifer began, as a servant of God! But then in his pride his heart was lifted against Me."

11. YOU SEE, GOD COULD WANT TO USE HIM TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD AND DIVIDE THE FORCES OF CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM AND RAISE UP A THIRD WORLD POWER. After all, the Antichrist couldn't be raised up with out the power of God. God has to permit it and ordain it, and he will do the world good at first. But then his heart could become proud.--Just like the Devil: He started out right and wound up wrong, because he was not satisfied with just being the hand of God, but wanted to be God. I thought, "How could he be so good and yet become so bad?" Well, that's the way the Devil became, and many men have done that though history, when you come to think of it, even some of the prophets. But then they became lifted up in pride and exalted in self-glorification, and therefore lost the blessing of God.

12. IT IS IN THE MIDST OF THE WEEK THAT HE CHANGES, apparently, profanes the altar and exalts himself as God. It appears that during the first three and a half years he has the blessing of God, because how could he rule the world without the permission of God? But then when he becomes exalted and forgets that God is doing it, and begins self-worship, then begins the time of the world's great Trouble--and his too!

13. [DELETED] The Antichrist is Man's last-ditch stand with the most perfect government and most perfect ruler, and yet it will fail because he doesn't give God the glory, So why shouldn't we, if we're going to be preserved and God is going to keep us, begin from scratch with that very power[DELETED]? This is the way many prophets operated, from Joseph to Daniel and others: They lived and worked under the protection of heathen kings! As long as he's doing the Will of God, why couldn't we work with him? [DELETED]

GADDAFI--AND THE CHILDREN OF GOD! by David Berg   June 11, 1973

26. DO YOU GET THE POINT? HE IS MAKING A CALL TO ARMS, SO TO SPEAK: "COME, LET US BELIEVERS IN GOD JOIN TOGETHER AND TAKE THE WORLD FOR GOD in opposition to anti-man Capitalism and anti-God Communism!" I think he's got tremendous appeal! I didn't realise he was this far along with it. He paid for this whole four full-page section in the London Times! He knew he could reach the world in London!


28 THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF THE ANTICHRIST, and talks about the religion of his fathers. But see what happens when he finally comes into power? Apparently the whole thing goes to his head. He gets into power with the co-operation of the religious people, but when he finally does come to power the thing goes to his head, and he becomes possessed of the Devil and wants all religions wiped out and only complete worship of himself!

29. [DELETED] [EDITED: "ALL"] IS NOT CLEAR from those revelations we've gotten. I can't quite figure them out yet. There's one thing he will be or he is: I gather that he is to prepare the way for him, if nothing else. Maybe he's going to be the prophet, the one who is the propaganda manager for the [EDITED: "coming world leader"], the one who prepares the way for the [EDITED: "world leader"], just like Jesus had John the Baptist.

30. IF THIS IS THE MAN WHO'S GOING TO PREPARE THE WAY, he definitely has something to do with the [EDITED: "coming world leader"]. He may either be [EDITED: "that person"] himself, or he is preparing the way for [EDITED: "him"]. But it is God-ordained, and it's obvious God has predicted it: He has prophesied it, He has revealed it through the Bible, Grandmother, Jeane Dixon and us!


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  1. Recently, I received two comments to this article. One appears to be from a current member of The Family International, and the other from a former member. I have not approved those comments in the usual way because they both include hyperlinks to websites loaded with spiritual insanity that is spread by the deadly god virus. I have no interest in promoting such nonsense or sending readers there. The first comment by Michael shows how cult members justify failed prophecy when he claims it was only speculation.

    I dare to disagree with your above statements, sir! There have indeed been a good number of prophecies that have come true, and still come true. . . and are yet coming true! But they never said Goddaffi was the AntiChrist, it was only speculation. Indeed it was signifigant that they had some dealings with him and that today he is assassinated. What does this mean for us today? It must be a major sign of the End. Be careful not to stick your finger in God's eye! Michael

    The second comment by David indicates that he is either a former member or greatly influenced by the cult. He signs off with the Christian code, IHS, but his website is loaded with the kind of Christian occultism that the Children of God and The Family International are well known for. It shows that the cult's influence continues to delude some people long after they leave if they don't make a complete break from their fictional life.

    Th Family International which was called the Family of Love and previously the Children of God did start the Jesus revolution. But their many sins have made them stagnate into just another self righteous missionary group. Mari was afraid to prophecy because she saw how David Berg got trapped attempting to do so. She stated she could not hear from the Lord and so told her followers to hear from the Lord directly for themselves about frivilous matters of their personal lives. She just NOW picks suck up prophecies from suck up disciples falsely claiming that the FAMILY INTERNATIONAL will be prophets and prophetesses some day because they are the best. They NOW claim to be talking to outsiders but are as closed as ever. This is why they are going nowhere. Their old disciples are getting sick and frail, and being sent home to die. Investing their lives in an organization that has always pandered to its leadership and never to its workers and disciples. Yes, they believed Gadafhi was the AC , and hes now dead, making another one of their prophecies FAIL, but they block it out of their minds. Their prophecy timeplines are faulty and yet can be fixed, yet they refuse help or even communication. They may be used in the future, but not their organization. It has way tooo many sins, and they are way to dishonest and corrupt. IHS David

  2. The following book excerpt is fascinating in the context of The Family International's involvement with Gaddafi. I've provided excerpts above on what David Berg believed about Gaddafi. What I did not mention in the post above is that Berg and his inner circle went to Libya and met with Gaddafi personally. Berg provided some his Flirty Fishing prostitutes, including his daughter Faithy, to Gaddafi for his sexual pleasure, and it is almost certain that Berg explained some his perverse sexual doctrines to Gaddafi. So, reading this excerpt from one of Gaddafi's teen girl sex slaves did not surprise me at. The attitudes expressed by Gaddafi and his female followers to that 16 year old girl could have come from Berg's own mouth. His writings are filled with similar patriarchal verbal abuse to shame girls and women for not being willing sexual servants.

    For more on Berg's religious prostitution known as Flirty Fishing see the article on this blog at:


    Inside Gaddafis Harem: The Story of a Girls Abduction

    by Annick Cojean, August 29, 2013

    At the age of 15 Soraya was kidnapped to become Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s sex slave. This is her story, in an exclusive excerpt from a new book by French reporter Annick Cojean that details the brutal horrors of Gaddafi’s sex obsession with teens.

    At the age of 15 Soraya was spotted by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi when he visited her school. She was quickly abducted from her home in Sirte by his bodyguards and made his sex slave, joining many other girls who had been taken over the years. In this excerpt from Gaddafi’s Harem she first encounters the Colonel and learns about her new life.

    We drove for quite a while. I had no idea of the time but it seemed interminable. We’d left Sirte and were tearing through the desert. I was looking straight ahead, not daring to ask any questions. And then we arrived in Sdadah, in a kind of encampment. There were several tents, more 4x4s, and an immense trailer, or rather an extremely luxurious camper van. Mabrouka headed for the vehicle, motioning me to follow her, and in another car that was turning back I thought I noticed one of the girls from school who’d also been chosen to welcome the Guide the previous day. That should have reassured me, and yet the moment I entered the camper an unspeakable sense of dread grabbed hold of me. As if my entire being was fighting against the situation. As if it knew intuitively that something very bad was being hatched.

    Muammar Gaddafi was inside, sitting on a red massage chair, holding a remote control. He looked imperial. I took a step forward to kiss his hand, which he extended halfheartedly while looking away. “Where are Faiza and Salma?” he asked Mabrouka in an irritated voice. “They’re coming.” I was dumbfounded. Not even a glance at me. I didn’t exist. Several minutes went by; I didn’t know what to do with myself. He finally stood up and asked: “Where is your family from?”

    “From Zliten.”

    His face remained expressionless. “Get her ready!” he commanded, and left the room. Mabrouka motioned for me to sit down on a bench in a corner of the room, which was set up to look like a living room. The other two women came in, at ease, as if they were at home. Faiza smiled at me, approached me, and unceremoniously held on to my chin. “Don’t you worry, little Soraya!” she said, and then laughed and quickly left. Mabrouka was on the phone giving instructions for someone’s arrival, perhaps another girl like me, since I heard her say: “Bring her here.”

    continued below

  3. She hung up and turned to me: “Come! We’re going to take your measurements to get you some clothes. What is your bra size?” I was stunned. “I … I don’t know. Mama always buys me my clothes.” She looked annoyed and called Fatiha, another woman—well, actually, a strange person who had the voice and shoulders of a man but the imposing bust of a woman. She sized me up, then patted my hand and gave me a big wink. “So this is the new one? And where does this one come from?” She put a measuring tape around my waist and my chest, pressing hers beneath my chin. Then they wrote down my measurements and left the camper. I remained all alone, not daring to call out or move. Night was falling, and I didn’t have a clue. What would Mama think? Had they alerted her to the delay? What was going to happen here? And how would I be getting home?

    After long minutes of waiting, Mabrouka reappeared. I was relieved to see her. She took me by the arm without a word and led me to a corner lab, where a blonde nurse took my blood. Then Fatiha dragged me to a bathroom. “Get undressed. You’re hairy. We need to get rid of all that.” She rubbed a depilatory cream on my arms and legs, then shaved me, adding: “We’re leaving the pubic hair.” I was nonplussed and embarrassed but, since I had to make some sort of sense of it all, I told myself it must be a hygiene thing for anyone who was to come near the Guide. They wrapped me in a robe and I went back to the living room. Mabrouka and Salma—the gun still on her belt—sat down near me.

    “We’re going to dress you properly, put makeup on, and then you’ll be able to see Papa Muammar.”

    “All this just to greet Papa Muammar? And when am I going home to my parents?”

    “Later! First you have to greet your master.”

    They handed me a G-string—something I’d never seen before—and a white satiny dress, slit at the sides and low-cut at the neck and back. My hair, now loosened, came down to my bottom. Fatiha applied makeup and perfume, then added a bit of gloss to my lips, something that Mama would never have allowed me to do. With a sternly critical eye, Mabrouka inspected the result. Then she took me by the hand and led me down the hall. She stopped in front of a door, opened it, and pushed me in.

    Gaddafi was on his bed, naked. I was terrified. I covered my eyes and shrank back in shock, thinking: “There’s been a horrible mistake! I’m not meant to be here now. Oh, my God!” I turned around and saw Mabrouka there on the threshold, her expression unrelenting. “He’s not dressed!” I muttered, completely panic-stricken and thinking that Mabrouka must not have realized this. “Go in!” she said, pushing me back inside.

    Then he grabbed my hand and forced me to sit down on the bed beside him. I didn’t dare look at him. “Turn around, you whore!”

    That word. I didn’t really know what it meant but I sensed it was an awful word, a vulgar word, a word for a despicable woman. I didn’t budge. He tried to turn me toward him but I resisted. He pulled my arm, my shoulder. My whole body stiffened. Then he forced me to move my head by pulling at my hair. “Don’t be afraid. I am your Papa—that’s what you call me, isn’t it? But I am your brother as well, and soon I’ll be your lover. I’ll be all of that to you. Because you’re going to stay here and be with me forever.” His face came close to mine—I could smell his breath. He began to kiss me on my neck, my cheeks.
    I remained as stiff as a piece of wood. He wanted to embrace me but I moved away. He approached me, but I turned from him and began to cry. He went to grab my head. I leaped up, he pulled my arm, and I pushed him away, so he got irritated, wanted to force me to lie down, and we got into a struggle. He was growling.

    Mabrouka appeared. “Look at this whore!” he yelled to her. “She refuses to do what I want! Teach her! Educate her! And then bring her back to me!”

    continued below

  4. He headed for a small bathroom next to the bedroom as Mabrouka dragged me to the lab. She was white with rage.

    “How dare you behave like that with your master? It is your duty to obey him!”

    “I want to go home.”

    “You’re not budging! Your place is here!”

    “Give me my things, I want to go see Mama.”

    She slapped me across the face, which made me reel.

    “Obey! Or else Muammar will make you pay for it very dearly!”

    My hand on my burning cheek, I looked at her, baffled. “You pretend you’re an innocent little girl, you hypocrite, but you know perfectly well what’s going on! From now on you will listen to us, to Papa Muammar and to me. And you will do what we tell you. Without a word of complaint, you understand?”

    Then she disappeared, leaving me by myself in that flimsy little dress, my makeup smudged and my hair all over the place. I curled up into a ball in the living room and cried for hours. I didn’t understand a thing, nothing at all. It was all too perplexing. What was I doing here? What did they want from me? I thought about how Mama must be worried to death, how she must have phoned Papa in Tripoli; perhaps he’d even returned to Sirte. He would be bombarding her with accusations for having let me leave—he never let me leave the house. But how could I ever tell them about that ghastly scene with Papa Muammar? My father would go crazy. I was still shaking with sobs when a blonde nurse, whom I shall never forget, sat down beside me and gently caressed my face. “Tell me what happened,” she said. She spoke with a foreign accent, and I later found out she was one of the Guide’s Ukrainian nurses, and that her name was Galina. I wasn’t able to say a word to her, but she guessed and I could tell she was furious. “How could they do that to a little girl? How dare they?” she kept repeating as she lightly touched my face.

    I finally fell asleep, and it was Mabrouka who woke me up the next morning around nine. She handed me a jogging outfit and I began to have some hope again.

    “So I’m going home now?”

    “I told you no! Are you deaf ? I told you very clearly that your old life is finished once and for all. Your parents have been told, and they understood, so why can’t you?”

    “You phoned my parents?”

    I was shattered. I gulped down some tea, nibbled at a cookie, and looked around. Lots of girls in soldiers’ uniforms were coming in and going out, glancing at me with curiosity—

    “Is that the new one?”—and talking about the Guide, who was apparently busy in a tent. Salma approached me. “I’m going to make some things clear to you: Muammar is going to sleep with you. He’s going to open you. From here on in you will be his possession and you’ll never leave him. So stop making that face. It’s no use resisting or wishing things were different—that won’t change anything here!”

    Then that woman Fatiha came in, turned on the television, and whispered to me: “Let them do what they want with you, that’ll make it a lot easier. If you don’t resist, you’ll be fine. You just have to do everything that’s asked of you.”

    I cried and lay there motionless. So I was a prisoner. What could I have possibly done wrong?

    Around one o’clock Fatiha came to dress me in a very short blue satin dress; actually, it was more like a negligee. In the bathroom she wet my hair and then puffed it out with some mousse. Mabrouka checked my appearance, took me firmly by the hand, and once again led me to Gaddafi’s bedroom. “This time you’ll satisfy your master’s desires or else I’ll kill you!” she threatened, then opened the door and pushed me in.

    continued below

  5. There he was, the Guide, sitting on his bed in jogging pants and an undershirt, a cigarette in his mouth, as he slowly blew out smoke while looking at me coldly. “You’re a whore,” he said. “Your mother is Tunisian, which makes you a whore.” He was taking his time, looking me over from top to bottom and back up again, and blowing smoke at me. “Sit down, close to me,” and he pointed to a spot on the bed. “You’re going to do everything I ask you to do. I’ll give you jewelry and a beautiful house, I’ll teach you how to drive and give you a car. One day you may even be able to study abroad if you want. I will take you wherever you want to go. Do you hear what I’m saying? Your every wish will be fulfilled!”

    “I want to go home to Mama.”

    He froze, put out his cigarette, and raised his voice.

    “Listen to me carefully! Stop that, you hear? Stop that business about going home. From now on you’ll be here with me! And you must forget everything else!”

    I couldn’t believe what he was saying. It was beyond all comprehension. He pulled me to the bed and bit me on my upper arm. It hurt. Then he tried to undress me. I already felt so naked in that tiny blue minidress; it was horrible—I couldn’t let him undress me. I resisted, clinging to the straps. “Take it off, dirty whore!” He pulled my arms apart; I stood up; he caught me again and flung me on the bed; I struggled. Then he got up in a rage and disappeared into the bathroom. Mabrouka was there in a second. (I found out only later that he had a little bell near the bed with which to call her.)

    “This is the first time any girl has resisted me like this! It’s your fault, Mabrouka! I told you to teach her! So get it done or you’ll pay the price!”

    “My master, forget this girl! She’s stubborn as a mule. We’ll throw her back to her mother and I’ll find you some others.”

    “No, get this one ready! It’s her I want!”

    They brought me back to the lab, where I stayed, there in the dark. Galina slipped in for a moment and with a pitying look gave me a blanket. But how could I sleep? I was reliving what had just happened, trying to find an explanation for what I was going through. What had they told my parents? Surely not the truth, that wasn’t possible. But what, then? Papa didn’t even let me go to the neighbors’ and always told me to be home before dark. So what was he thinking, what ideas could he have? Would they believe me when someday I told them what had happened? What explanation had they given to my school when I didn’t show up? I didn’t sleep at all that night. At dawn, just as I was beginning to pass out from exhaustion, Mabrouka came in. “Up you get! Put on this uniform. We’re leaving for Sirte.”

    Oh, what a relief ! “So we’re going home to Mama?”

    “No, somewhere else!”

    At least we were leaving this horrible place in the middle of nowhere and going closer to home. I hurriedly washed, put on my khaki uniform, which resembled the clothes of Gaddafi’s bodyguards, and went back to the living room, where five other girls, also in uniform, were absentmindedly watching television. They were holding cell phones and I was dying to ask them to call Mama but Mabrouka had her eyes on me and the atmosphere was glacial. The camper van pulled away. I let myself be carried off—it had been a long time since I’d had any control over anything.

    GADDAFI’S HAREM © Editions Grasset & Fasquelle, 2012; Translation copyright © 2013 by Marjolijn de Jager; used with the permission of the publisher, Grove/Atlantic, Inc.